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Attic Light Architects was founded in 2018 by architect Divya Manaktola to provide niche design solutions. The studio treats architecture as a transformative process that helps clients build new structures that are rooted in context and curate spaces through bespoke design.

From buildings of the British Raj to a sustainable vacation home for a private client, whether its breathing new life into a historic place or building for the future; design vision, technical expertise, attention to detail and embedded sustainability are the hallmarks of the studio’s approach. They like to push the boundaries and excel and surprise within the constraints of time and money.

The practice works with a vision where exploration and idea sharing is not seen just as an option but a principle and an opportunity through which they aim to create designs that go beyond functional and aesthetic concerns, to generate an intimate rendezvous between the space and its occupants.

The firm’s main goal is to build the intangible and generate a sense of magic for the people experiencing the space.

Exploring Possibilities, Re-imagining spaces, Curating experiences & Paving way for new narratives...

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